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Current Appliances

Piccadilly 24

Piccadilly 24 (pronounced "two four") was delivered in March 2015. It's an Isuzu FSS550 and classed as an urban/rural appliance. It carries five crew members including a driver. The number 24 describes the configuration of the appliance. The 2 is the capacity, which is 2000L water, the 4 means 4-wheel drive. It also has a foam tank, When the foam is mixed with water it allows the water to stick and reduce evaporation. It has a large pump and one 'live' hose reel (meaning turning the valve on gives you water) and two 'dead' reels (a reel of dry hose is not connected to water and has to be unwound an connected to an outlet.
The standard stowage on 24 includes:

Piccadilly 34P

Piccadilly 34P (pronounced "three four p") was delivered in April 2010. It's an Isuzu FTS800 Crew and classed as an urban/rural appliance. It carries six crew members including a driver. 34P has 3000L of water, 4- wheel drive and is a Pumper meaing it can boost hydrant pressure and pump to other appliances. It has also has a foam tank, a large pump and two fixed live hose reels.
The standard stowage on 34P is the same as 24. In addition, 34P carries breathing apparatus equipment for structure fires.

Old Appliances - Retired

Piccadilly 14

Piccadilly 14 is a Mazda T3500. It was delivered in December 1991. It is a smaller appliance which is useful where the larger appliances can’t fit. It carries 1000L of water and is four-wheel drive. It also has a foam tank. It carries 5 crew including a driver. It has a small pump and one fixed live hose reel.

Piccadilly 24

Piccadilly 24 was a Hino FT165. It arrived in 1991 and was decommissioned in April 2010. It carried two crew in the front, four on the rear crew deck, 2000L of water and was four wheel drive.

Piccadilly 61

Piccadilly 61 was an International Scout 1200, it arrived in 1985 and was decommissioned in 1990. This appliance was built before the official coding that the CFS use today and was truck numbered 61. It carried two people, 1200 litres of water and basic set of tools and hoses.